The Makeup Room

The Makeup Room is a high profile and fully mobile service that specialises in Bridal and Special Occasion hair and makeup. Owned and operated by Tracy Bradley, an award winning Bridal Hair & Makeup Artist based in Melbourne, Australia.



To be beautiful

KIND by tmr

KIND by tmr is a brand new range of self care products. Our face and body oils are made from natural ingredients, and our beauty tools for both Women and Men are made from 100% sustainable bamboo. It is more than a skin and beauty brand, it is a whole self care ritual and we deliver this with your skin, soul & planet in mind.


Water is the most necessary element that our bodies need in order to function. But do you know the effects of not enough water and it’s impact on your skin? Dehydration effects many of us, without us even knowing. So let’s take a look at how we can help consume more water and why this is so important.

Female Hair Loss

Hair loss comes in many forms and is brought on by a number of factors both genetically inherited and environmentally provoked. It can be both traumatic and debilitating for many. This article intends to educate and provide answers, so you can discover the right path for you.

Silicones in Haircare

Silicones have long been used in haircare products to allow lustre and shine, but do they do any harm?

Remembering and Forgetting – A Poem on behalf of humanity – By Tracy Bradley

Forgetting what no longer serves you and remembering what does, is a key to living a life of self awareness that ultimately brings about contentment and wholeness of self. Forgetting the worry of what we look like and remembering who we are, are just a small glimpse into what this Poem is about. Enjoy!

Once Upon A Time In Covid-19

This is a good time to examine what you truly believe – and to question what you’ve been attached to up until this moment.